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Hi All

I’ve been living in London now for 3 years and still have not found my ideal job. Due to the economy my industry has become stagnant and therefore there are very few jobs and too many applicants. I am either over-qualified or under-qualified – so I persevere until the balance is found. I am actively looking for a job online on various jobsites and have registered with many agents, and also networking and maybe someone out there who reads my blog, has a contact for me that will help me find a job.  So I do my part and then I have to leave it up to the universe to work its magic when the time is right.

Mini CV – Margarita Horianos

An accomplished Project Manager with extensive experience in the M.I.C.E. industry, specialising in organising a broad range of worldwide Events, Group Incentives, Conferences, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Team Building Activities, Tours and Corporate Hospitality for a broad range of business sectors. Have diverse skills having worked for Destination Management Companies,  Outbound Incentive & Events Agencies, Tour Operators and Airline.   Able to utilise versatile components of business such as strong organisation and planning skills, creative proposal writing and quoting, budget and onsite management, staff supervision and interpersonal skills, operations and logistics, marketing and computer literacy.   Able to project manage all aspects of unique and innovative group incentives and events from brief stage to finalisation.  From experience, have also realised that the final ingredient required for success is a genuine smile.

Luckily there is so much to do in London – and most of it for free – like taking walks in parks, visiting museums, exploring the many sights. I love it so, one never gets bored in this city. I also keep busy with my other interests like taking photographs, reading, colouring in, collecting Beanie Boos, attending Spiritual Talks and Meditation Classes.

It is stressful not having a job as many negative thoughts arise but I make sure I do not let myself get depressed and worry as it gets you nowhere – instead I revel in the things I love now that I have the free time to enjoy all of my interests. So, until such time as I find a job or a job finds me, I will be a tourist and enjoy each day to its fullest with a positive mind and a grateful heart.




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Simple Pleasures

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Definition of Pleasure :
The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified
A source of enjoyment or delight

There are obvious things in life that give pleasure like love, appreciation, gratitude, faith but then there are those “Simple Pleasures” that make me feel joy – these little things I indulge in that require no effort but make me feel so good and make me smile inside and out.

Taste of Chocolate
yummy absolutely heavenly

 A Walk in Nature  
makes me feel close to God

Listening to Music and Dancing like Crazy
makes my body laugh and my soul soar

Taking Photographs of Beautiful Views –
feels as if I captured the beauty of the moment forever

  Sleeping in on a Rainy Day
mmmmm so soothing

Reading a Good Book
or watching a Good Movie
awakens my creative mind

Seeing a Rainbow
makes me feel that dreams can come true


Fresh, Clean Bed Sheets & Pyjamas
as the Dalai Lama said “Sleep is the best meditation”

Colouring  In
since childhood (many many years ago)
I loved colouring in books
and to this day it is one of the most relaxing
indulgences I still partake in.


 Stuffed Toys
I have always collected stuffed toys
(Beanie Boos are my latest indulgence)
they give me such pleasure and make me smile –
I mean no matter how old you are, who can resist
looking at these faces and not smile?


 It just proves the theory that we don’t need “big expensive things”
to bring  us pleasure, “little simple pleasures”
do the trick amazingly –
so delight in them as often as you possibly can !

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt in London

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Come On Londoners join in the
Big Egg Hunt!

It’s a great way to meet people
from all over the world

It’s a great way to discover
this amazing city

It’s a great way to have


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