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Thought Provoking: What If Christ was not crucified?

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What would the world have been like if …

Firstly, I want to make it clear that in no way is my intention to disrespect any beliefs. I am writing this simply because I had a dream last night about “Free Choice” that I want to share just as if I am writing in my own “journal”.

I dreampt that when asked by Pontius Pilate “Which prisoner do you want to set free: Jesus or Barabbas?”, the crowd gathered at the time chose “Jesus to be set free”. And so He was and He lived to a ripe old age giving us so many more of His teachings, which we understood and lived by as ONE.


This is the dream I had and I woke up with the thought “What would the world have been like if Jesus was not crucified ?”

At that time Jews were persecuted by Romans, so the people at the time when asked whether they should set free Jesus, the man who they believed preached against their religious beliefs and advised them to love their enemy… or Barabbas, the zealot who wanted to set them free from Roman bondage and suffering … the choice I guess was simple to make at the time. 

‘Their’ pain and fear blocked ‘them’ from truly understanding the “Spiritual Freedom” that Jesus was offering, they were not evolved to that understanding.  Instead they chose “physical earthly freedom” from their reality at the time, freedom from bondage by other men from another nation… which ironically ‘they’ never got…because that was not authenitic everlasting freedom then, as it is still not now either.

It is dogmatic belief that we are given “FREE CHOICE”…so ‘we’, the people of the time, chose the trajectory of humankind with that “One Free Choice”… as we do with each and every choice we make.  But what if ‘we’ had really  understood and heeded the Wisdom of Jesus ….Love one another…Forgive one another…Live in Peace with one another…We are all Children of the Divine…

What is Christianity was not founded on blood, suffering, death, separation, division…but instead was founded on Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Unity, Equality…?

If Jesus was not crucified, the Christian Church dogma would not have been as it is since Christianity would not have been build on blood and death. Maybe then Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity …all religions would have fused and we could all live as ONE?  Maybe if Jesus was around longer we would have listened and understood His wisdom in a different way…maybe in the way John Lennon understood it when he wrote “Imagine” …. just maybe?

If this choice was asked of us today, what would we have chosen? Would we set Jesus free from that violent death and give Him more life with “us” on earth and a more dignified natural death?  What would Jesus have chosen if “we” did not make that “Free Choice” that He was denied?

And actually are we not given that choice all over again each and every day since…to Save another instead of to Kill another? To Love another instead of to Hate another?


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