Day 17: Inspirational Me (Desire & Destiny Meditation) {Deepak Chopra}

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
—Albert Einstein

Think about the people and experiences that truly inspire you. What is it about them that makes you feel this way? For many of us, we are inspired when we feel something we have never felt before. We feel uplifted when we gain a new insight that changes our perspective completely and when we learn something new that forever transforms us.  Each of us has that power to inspire another. Within all of us lies a wonderful teacher, a soul that greatly inspires others to seek the highest good and to engage fully in life, merely by expressing your authentic self. Embrace that inner teacher and know that you have something very valuable to offer everyone around you. Share your lessons freely and receive wisdom from others with openness, joy, and love.

I embrace the teacher within.

Om Varunam Namah
My life is in harmony with the universe.

Day17- Desire&Destiny


”Welcome to day 17, Inspirational Me.  There is an ancient Buddhist quote which says, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.  Well think about that.  We are all students and teachers in this earth school.  Everything in our lives shows up and is here to teach us more about ourselves.  Everybody we encounter is really a mirror – a reflection of a part of who we are.  And within each of us is a teacher – someone who inspires, listens and reflects, who demonstrates by their very being, something from which others can grow.  Each moment in life is a teaching moment and when we engage with one another, we become vehicles of life’s important lessons – large and small.  If we stay mindful, respecting and embracing the teacher within and remaining open to the teacher who lives in others, we find yet another path to living most fully, to receiving most abundantly, and to fulfilling a part of our most sacred destiny.  So, today, honoring that every moment is a moment to learn, and to teach, let us learn from Deepak as he guides us to the still space.”


Within each of us dwells a teacher with the power to deeply inspire.  The word inspire comes to us from the Latin word, inspirare, which means divinely breathed into.  When we live our lives connected to our inner truth and unique destinies, we serve as models and teachers, true inspirations to everyone we meet.  Each of us, through our being, words and actions, has the ability and opportunity to divinely breathe the essence of the true self into one another.

Recognizing this power to inspire, we begin to connect with the teacher that resides not only in us but also in those who cross our paths.  We open ourselves to learning from everyone we encounter, most often our teachers appear to us quite obviously and we are quick to recognize the wisdom they impart.  At other times, our teachers can show themselves completely in disguise.  For example, when we silently witness an encounter with an unpleasant neighbor or motorist on the freeway, we realize that they too have something to teach us.  They have simply shared their lessons in ways we don’t expect.

Each moment in life offers us an opportunity to learn and expand.  As we choose to conduct ourselves as teachers in this lifetime, embracing our true and divine responsibility to our fellow human beings, and ourselves, we see the value of aligning our lives with Spirit and following our bliss.  In choosing to be humble teachers, open to the flow of learning as well as selflessly teaching by joyous example, we are shining lights of all that is good, and wellsprings of inspiration for others.

As we settle in for meditation, let’s consider the centering thought.  I embrace the teacher within.  I embrace the teacher within.

Please get seated comfortably.  Place your palms up or down on your lap and close your eyes.  Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply and feel your body gently relax.  Begin to introduce the mantra, repeating it mentally, Om Varunam Namah.  My life is in harmony with the universe.  Om Varunam Namah.  If you get distracted by any thoughts, noises or feelings of discomfort in your body, simply go back to repeating the mantra silently to yourself.  Om Varunam Namah.  Om Varunam Namah.  Continue meditating for about 10 minutes.  Now release the mantra.  Bring your awareness back into your body.  Take a moment to rest.  When you feel ready, you can open your eyes.

Throughout the day, think about what it is you love to do and contemplate the centering thought, I embrace the teacher within.  I embrace the teacher within. I embrace the teacher within.


Today recall a teacher who really inspired you. Perhaps this individual was a person who taught in a classroom, but perhaps it was someone else—a grandparent, a neighbor, or an athletic coach.  Take time today to reflect on the ways that this person transformed how you saw the world, then without over-thinking it, consider how you can offer something of yourself to others so that they too can be inspired.

We look forward to inspiring one another today.  Blessings,


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