2 – Gratitude Is Within You {Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude – Chopra Center Meditation}

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“Gratitude is the experience of our true self.”
— Gina Lakes

Message of the Day:

Gratitude is a two-way flow of appreciation between your thanks and the uplifting response that you feel in return. Today in our meditation, we begin that conversation and find that as this conversation expands, we create even more thankfulness. We will learn how the flow of gratitude from the heart is received by Nature in the same spirit it is given, and it is returned back to us as grace. In today’s meditation, we learn to express gratitude from the silence of our awareness, which is the source of grace within.

All good things bring gratitude.

Kripa Hum
I am divine grace

Day02 Grace

Oprah Winfrey:

Have you ever paused and noticed how you feel when you are thankful for someone or something? Take a moment and consider this…when you are present in that feeling of gratitude, you feel more open, more generous, more connected, more aware and alive. Welcome to Day 2. Gratitude is Within You.

Your experience of gratitude can be for yourself, for someone or something, or for your connection to that which is greater than yourself – a higher power – whatever that may be for you. When you activate gratitude by giving it your attention and intention, you create a whole new energy flow. The energy of gratitude knows no bounds and it returns to you, bringing unlimited goodness. Something within you changes and everything around you changes.That, my Friend, is what I call grace. So take some deep breaths, soak in Deepak’s words, and let’s use today’s meditation to feel the warmth, the light and the transformative power of grace and gratitude within you.

Deepak Chopra:

Discovering that grace can bring transformation isn’t new. For centuries in many cultures, there has been a tradition of thanking God every day and in return, God bestows grace which in Sanskrit is called Kripa. Offering gratitude starts an inner conversation. On one side of the conversation is thanks and devotion for the good things in your life.   On the other side is the response which is to bring you more good things to be grateful for. So let’s begin the conversation this moment. Think of 3 good things in your life. They don’t have to be the most important things – just whatever you feel in your heart. If it’s a beautiful morning and you have a rose sitting in a vase and breakfast sitting in front of you, there are there things already. Now, take the first things, whatever it is. If it isn’t sitting in front of you, visualize it in your mind. Send thanks to it. You can say the words Thank You if you feel comfortable starting that way but the real key is feeling. Let the feeling of gratitude come from your heart. It’s a warm, gentle sensation that brings a smile.

Now comes a new element. Imagine that whatever you’re grateful for – a person, a precious memento, something beautiful in nature, is aware of your thanks. See it smiling back at you shimmering with the same warm feeling. Your thanks has been received and welcomed. After a moment, go the second thing and give thanks for it and then see it receive your thanks. Move on to the third thing and repeat again. You have successfully started the flow of grace.

Grace, when it is alive and flowing, works like a feedback loop. You give something to the source and in turn a response comes back to you. The secret is that every time you do this, you change the pathways in your brain. These new pathways change your perception. They allow you to pay attention to the good things you are grateful for and in return, grace welcomes you.

Now that you know the method, make it part of your routine. Start paying attention during your day-to-day activities, taking a moment for each thing you are thankful for. Feel the emotion, don’t just have a passing thought. The best way to feel gratitude is in mind and body. Let the warmth of gratitude begin in your heart and spread outward. It helps to visualize what you are gratefulfor. Honouring how you are supported, even in the smallest ways connects you emotionally with the flow of life. Gratitude brings the support you need in life. This is how grace becomes real ad practical. You are learning the truth behind the teaching of Kripa which goes back thousands of years.

As we prepare to meditate together, let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought,
All good things bring gratitude
All good things bring gratitude

Now let’s prepare for our meditation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Become aware of your breath and breathe slowly and deeply. With each breath, allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed. Gently introduce the mantra, Kripa Hum.

This means, I am divine grace. This mantra sets in motion the flow of grace through gratitude. As you repeat the mantra, feel yourself as both the giver and receiver of blessings.

Repeat it silently to yourself,
Kripa Hum
Kripa Hum
Kripa Hum

With each repetition, feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more. Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return yourself to silently repeating the mantra,
Kripa Hum
Kripa Hum
Kripa Hum

Now release the mantra. Continue to sit restfully, inhaling and exhaling slowly. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

As you continue with your day, contemplate the centering thought
All good things bring gratitude
All good things bring gratitude
All good things bring gratitude


Journal Questions:

  1. “Describe three qualities about yourself that you are most grateful for.
  2. “Write about a time when your gratitude or appreciation was received and reflected back to you, and you felt the situation was transformed by grace.”
  3. “List the people you would like to share your gratitude with more fully and more frequently. Then, write some specific ways you can do that.”
  4. “Reflect further on today’s experience.”



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