10: Measuring What Matters {Manifesting True Success Meditation – Chopra Center}

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“Success is the progressive realization of predetermined,
worthwhile, personal goals.”
— Paul J. Meyer

Message of the Day:

Today’s meditation is about making all our choices smart choices, and is indicated by the letter M. The M stands for “make everything measureable.” If we get reliable, measurable feedback on our progress, we can make intelligent, informed decisions. By evaluating our work in measurable terms, we remain in control of our progress, our time, and our resources. We know where to cut back, and where to redirect our focus and energy. Most importantly, by making everything measurable, we can make smart decisions that are aligned with our values and worthwhile goals. Our meditation today helps us maintain the flexible awareness that allows us to remain aligned with our deep purpose, while we monitor the circumstances and details of life so that we can make informed decisions. It’s like a sailor setting course to a distant island, all the while monitoring the wind, waves, and currents along the way.

I control my life by knowing what counts.

Sharavana Namah

My awareness is unbounded and focused.

 Day10 mts


Oprah Winfrey:

Welcome to Day 10, Measuring What Matters.  Today we begin the practice of being fully present in every choice and really feeling what matters.  That awareness, that presence is the basis of real success. As master teacher, Eckhart Tolle says, ‘There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness – One with Life’.  Being one with life is being one with the now.  Life is the dancer, he says, and you are the dance.  I just love that.  Be aware of who you are, of what’s right for YOU, of where life can take YOU, in every moment.  Treasure The Now.  Savor it.  Stay awake, and all your choices become steps on your path to true success. Let’s get ready to meditate.  Breathe consciously.  Get Still.  Stay open.  Connect to the now.  Your time is now.  Right now.  Always.

Deepak Chopra:

We are in the middle of discovering how the word SMART defines a specific approach to the choices we make.  After “S”, stretch more than you can reach, comes “M” which stands for ‘make everything measurable’.  Why is that important?  It sounds as if you need to measure in statistics or become a bookkeeper but making something measurable is really about being in control.  If your day runs out of control, so has your vision.

To be a success, you must see yourself as a success – everyday – and this requires knowing what the situation actually is.  You are in control when you know what’s coming in and out.  You are in control when you stick with reality and don’t get carried away by shifting moods, anxiety, worry and stress. These reasons apply to balancing your checkbook because when you know how much money you have at your disposal, you can spend the money on what is most important to you.

Let’s apply this principle to the decisions that lead to success.  What is the measure of success?  The following things apply :

* You measure out the time that it takes you to do what you want to do.
* You take stock of your physical and mental energy.
* You spend your time and energy according to a plan, not leaving everything wide open.
* You measure results on a regular basis.
* You trim away the things that aren’t producing results.
* You have inner measures that tell you when you are in a good or bad place and you trust these inner measures.

No one can do everything and even if they could, there is not enough time for it.  Sit with yourself, looking ahead to attaining your worthy goal.

* How well did you spend your time and energy on the goal today?
* When you spent time, was it productive and satisfying or not?
* How could you tell someone else about your progress in real terms?

Taking stock this way on a regular basis is one of the strongest traits of successful people.  They are ensuring that they don’t get lost in fantasies while time runs away.  Being a visionary requires a map to get to the goal and the map shifts every day but by measuring your progress, you stay in control of the unfolding process.

As we prepare to meditate together, let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought,
I control my life by knowing what counts

Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Become aware of your breath and breathe slowly and deeply.  With each breath, allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.

Gently introduce the mantra, Sharavana Namah.  This mantra gives your mind the ability to track details while not losing the vision of the whole.  As you repeat the mantra, notice your attention lightly assessing data in the context of the goal you’re moving toward.   Repeat it silently to yourself, Sharavana Namah. With each repetition, feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.  Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, simply return yourself to repeating the mantra Sharavana Namah. Continue with your meditation for about 10 minutes Sharavana Namah. Just mentally Sharavana Namah.

Now release the mantra.  Continue to sit restfully, inhaling and exhaling slowly.  When you feel ready, open your eyes. As you continue with your day, contemplate the centering thought.
I control my life by knowing what counts


Journal Entries:

  • Today’s meditation teaches us the value of stretching our ideas before making a decision. Write in your journal your ideas on what “stretching” means when it comes to making smart choices.
  • Practice mental stretching with a decision that you are currently working on. Perhaps it’s buying a car, in which case you could consider other cars or ownership options you may not have thought of before, and talk to people who may not be car experts, but who have a point of view that could be useful. Write down how opening up to new perspectives can help you make a smarter decision.
  • Reflect on how flexible thinking can keep your decision process fluid and not stuck behind an obstacle. Write down an experience you had where an apparent solution had hit a wall, but your mind didn’t stop and eventually came up with a creative way around the obstacle.”



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