11: Matching Inner and Outer {Manifesting True Success Meditation – Chopra Center}

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I think true success is intrinsic.
It’s love. It’s kindness. It’s community.”
— Tom Shadyac

Message of the Day:

In the S-M-A-R-T acronym, the letter A stands for “agreement with your inner self and those around you.” Agreement means harmony, mutual support, and even love. For there to be agreement between the inner world of our values, goals, and beliefs and the outer world full of contentious individuals with conflicting ideas, we must find a deeper level of commonality. That agreement is based on your personal connection to universality. Steve Jobs expressed this agreement perfectly: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

My inner and outer worlds mesh perfectly.

Om Houm Namah

I open my awareness to divine grace.

Day11 mts

Oprah Winfrey:

Yesterday we explored making choices based on what truly matters, considering every choice from a place of presence and full awareness.  Today we take the next step in manifesting true success by aligning our inner self with the reality that is around us.  Welcome to Day 11 of our meditation experience. When your emotional center is in harmony with the reality of what’s happening around you, the energy of success flourishes.  Embrace that alignment, go with it and you will thrive.  When what is showing up in your outer world with your inner Being, you feel it in the form of stress, of doubt, of negativity, energy is blocked.  When you find that kind of resistance, pay attention to it.  Pause and listen because that is how your life is speaking to you.  Take the time to go back to center, to re-orient, to re-set your course.  Realign how you’re feeling inside with what you want to materialize around you.  When inner and outer are in accord, you will have clarity, you will gain strength and become more powerful.  Inner harmony leads to outer harmony and that alignment leads to true success. Deepak illuminates this so well so settle in, get still and then we’ll meditate.”

Deepak Chopra:

The Italian philosopher, Machiavelli, a master of human nature said, ‘Whoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times’.  But how do you know what the times are asking for?

The acronym SMART brings us to the letter “A” – agreement with your inner self and those around you. This is the match between inner and outer reality.  Every success involves being in the right place at the right time to fill a need.  Some of that can be planned objectively.  You start to build your store or your team project or your bright invention by taking practical steps.  Yet, at a deeper level, your inner self must agree with what is happening around you.

If you feel stressed, uncertain, tense and in conflict, your outer situation will be affected by these blockages. At the same time, if your outer situation is wrong for you, it will lead to tension, stress, uncertainty and conflict.  Making the two worlds mesh means that you have reached agreement.  I would say that this one ingredient means more to success than any other and as you expand our awareness in meditation, you will become finely attuned to the points where you mesh with reality and the points where you don’t.  Applying this principle to making choices, the following things are proven to work:

  • Do make decisions when you feel centered and calm
  • Don’t make decisions when you are in discomfort and distress
  • Never act when you are uncertain
  • Be patient and wait for the time when you are self-possessed and feel good about your decision-making.
  • If others around you show signs of discomfort, resistance and disagreement, heed this as a warning that you’re not in agreement with outer reality.
  • Live with choice on the inside for a day before announcing it to others.
  • Do show others that you need advice, counsel and help.
  • Don’t pretend to know everything or shut yourself off from other opinions.
  • Seek conciliation.
  • Value cooperation over pointless competitiveness.
  • Develop an atmosphere of sharing and mutual support.

In this way, “A” for agreement teaches you to trust inner harmony as the source of outer harmony.

As we prepare to meditate together, let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought,
My inner and outer worlds mesh perfectly

Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Become aware of your breath and breathe slowly and deeply.  With each breath, allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.  Gently introduce the mantra, Om Houm Namah.   This mantra centers awareness in the still point between inner and outer life.  As you repeat the mantra, allow your awareness to find the balancing point of silence.    Repeat it silently to yourself, Om Houm Namah. With each repetition, feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.  Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, return yourself to repeating the mantra, Om Houm Namah. Continue with your meditation for about 10 minutes, Om Houm Namah. Just mentally Om Houm Namah.

Now release the mantra.  Continue to sit restfully, inhaling and exhaling slowly.  When you feel ready, open your eyes. As you continue with your day, contemplate the centering thought, My inner and outer worlds mesh perfectly


Journal Entries:

  • Meshing your inner world with the outer world requires you to find your center where the two meet. Write down any past experiences in which you have felt the calm, centering awareness that comes from your inner and outer worlds being in agreement.
  • Take one of those experiences, in which you felt you were in the “zone” and everything flowed effortlessly. Describe that knowingness inside that you were doing precisely what was needed at exactly the right time. That is agreement of the inner and outer.
  • Think of another time where you acted while you were feeling upset, anxious, or ill. Write about the difference in the outcome of those actions, compared to the time when you felt centered and calm.



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