21: Success Comes from All Directions {Manifesting True Success Meditation – Chopra Center}

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“The first step toward success is taken
when you refuse to be a captive of the
environment in which you first find yourself.”
— Mark Caine

Message of the Day:

Congratulations on completing this 21-Day Meditation Experience! It’s been a delight to have you with us on this journey. We have looked at the ingredients for true success, yet there still might be a misconception that success can only come when the ideal circumstances arise. But rarely are all circumstances ideal for success. It is important to realize that success, like reality itself, is multi-dimensional, not linear. Don’t let your old limited beliefs blind you to the unexpected support that can come from any direction. Successful living needs your awareness to be creative, expansive, and receptive to all possibilities, just like creation itself. Thank you for sharing your time with us, and may your light be a blessing to the world.


I open every avenue for my success.


Akhando Hum
I am the infinite.

Day21 mts

Oprah Winfrey:

Well we’ve arrived at 21 days completing our meditation experience.  What a journey!  We have manifested together.  Thank you all! So this is what I believe this experience has taught us.  Success comes from many sources.   Most importantly, success expands from within.  It rises up from the inside out.  When you can stay open to all the wise and powerful dimensions of yourself, you find balance and insight and trust in the unknown.  You literally expand and evolve.  With no effort you become a magnet for possibilities.  The universe conspires with you to reveal opportunities and ultimately your success.  Dreams come true in many forms.  Success arrives from many sources. What a joyful promise that is!  Receive that, embrace it and delight in it with an open heart and an open mind. So Deepak ties it all together in our final meditation.

Deepak Chopra:

Now you know the secrets of putting your success together every day and each secret is linked by one common factor…. expanding your awareness.

Constricted awareness prevents us from seeing outside our narrow boundaries. Yet, because these boundaries are self-imposed, we can lower them at any time.  The more expanded your awareness, the more open the field of all possibilities turns out to be.

It is important to be comfortable with your surroundings, feeling secure that you are in the right place for your success.  But no situation is ideal and in many cases when you look around at where you are working, what your relationships are and the demands that are being made upon you, it seems only reasonable to be dissatisfied and frustrated.  Change seems to depend on many things outside yourself while the pressure not to change is constant.  You now have the tools to direct your own transformation, achieving success as a daily reality.

I’d like to offer one more element which will reduce frustration about being blocked by outside forces and people. Success comes from every direction, yourself as a dynamic field that is multi-dimensional like reality itself.  You are an ever-expanding sphere, not a train hurtling down a track.  Being multi-dimensional, you are influenced from all directions.  Past, present and future conspire at this very moment in fact, the whole universe conspires to make this moment happen.

When you take this view of yourself, you see that when external blocks arise, we cling to the false notion that steps A, B and C must proceed in a straight line from now into the future.  Anyone or anything that blocks the railroad track stops the train.  This is a flawed and ultimately incorrect image.  Success depends on expansion and evolution, on organic growth, and deeper inside; on openness to the unknown and a desire for creativity.  None of these things can be plotted on a straight line.  There is no blueprint that works for success because the dynamic quality of life applies equally to success.

Take the attitude that solutions can come from any direction to make your intentions a reality.  This is the attitude for success because it fits exactly, and the self and reality cooperate with each other.

As we prepare to meditate together, let’s take a moment to consider our centering thought, I open every avenue for my success Now let’s prepare for our meditation.  Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Become aware of your breath and breathe slowly and deeply.  With each breath, allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed.  Gently introduce the mantra, Akhando Hum. This mantra affirms the limitless unbounded nature of your Being.  As you repeat the mantra, feel the infinite possibilities of success in your life. Repeat it silently to yourself, Akhando Hum..With each repetition, feel your body, mind and spirit open and receive just a little more.  Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, noises or physical sensations, return yourself to repeating the mantra, Akhando Hum. Continue with your meditation for about 10 minutes. Akhando Hum. Just mentally. Akhando Hum.

Now release the mantra.  Continue to sit restfully, inhaling and exhaling slowly.  When you feel ready, open your eyes. As you continue with your day, contemplate the centering thought.
I open every avenue for my success


Journal Entries:

  • All success comes from expanded awareness. Write about how this Meditation Experience has broadened your awareness.
  • Describe how your understanding of success has evolved during the course of this Meditation Experience.
  • Write about your personal vision of success. Look at the worthy goals you listed on the first day and make any adjustments you feel necessary.



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