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The Art Of Reading

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Hello Fellow Readers

My love affair with reading started at a very young age with Comics – yes, remember those?  The Archies – Betty & Veronica – Casper – Batman. They became my “friends” and I shared their adventures with my school friends as we exchanged comics.  Later as I teenager my love affair with reading continued with Enid Blyton: The Secret Seven and the Famous Five.  One of my favourite childhood books is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott – I wanted to be Jo March.  I also discovered the classics, wonderful books written by Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters and off course, Shakespeare.  I then read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull which set me on the path to reading spiritual books by some of my favourite authors like Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, James Redfield, to name a few.

Of course I am forever grateful to J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter books as these books have brought the love of reading to millions of children of all ages.  J.K. got the world reading again and I hope that it lasts and that more books like these will be written to inspire people to read more.

With the way technology is today, many read online as well as on mobile phones and kindle, and even though I know that this is better for the environment as less trees need to be cut down to make paper, I just can’t stop the feeling that there is nothing like turning a page in a book.

I also love watching the movies of my favourite books and see how the authors images come to life on the screen –  but reading makes my imagination come alive, I create my very own  perception of how I visual the story, I am the director of my visualisation.  Reading is a love ritual! It starts off by going to the bookshop and walking down the aisles glancing at the bestsellers and at the various sections and finding the section I want. I then start looking more closely at the books on the shelves.  Then suddenly a book will “jump out at me”  somehow the book I am meant to buy at that time will “shine” and “stand out” from all the other books on the shelf.  Weird but true!  When this happens, I automatically buy the book without even looking at it more closely to see what it is about.

When I get home, I will make myself a cup of tea with cookies and then fluff the pillows and make myself comfortable on my bed.  Picking up the book, I read the back sleeve and I feel the right book has selected me as the topic is exactly what I needed to read about at that point in my life – synchronicity at work once again!  I will then open the book and gently break the spine by turning the pages at various random sections which then makes it easier for me to hold the book.  I love the touch of the pages and the smell of books.  Then I begin reading the first line….

My mind is so excited with the words I am about to enjoy, the adventures I will discover, the knowledge I will gain, the thrill of this special connection I will make with the story, the exciting characters I will meet and the relationship that I will develop with the author through his words – and ultimately sharing these books with others.  For me this is the Art of Reading, my special ritual – I would love to hear yours.

I am so grateful to everyone who put pen to paper
and gave me the joy of reading.
Thank You Thank You Thank You.