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TAO TE CHING – Dr Wayne W Dyer

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I attended the  “I Can Do It!” event and I can say it was
one of the  most fulfilling weekends of my life !
I would therefore like to share lessons from this experience.
So here goes …..

Living The Wisdom Of The Tao
The Complete Tao Te Ching and Affirmations

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
This book offers you an opportunity to internalize and directly experience the great wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, a collection of verses authored by the Chinese prophet Lao-tzu.  The words Tao Te Ching translate to living and applying the Great Way. Although just 81 short verses, the Tao encourages you to change your life by literally changing the way you think.
The Tao Te Ching offers you Divine guidance on virtually every area of human existence.   It is a new way of thinking in a world that needs to recapture its ancient teachings.


Taken from websitehttp://kozabodhi.com/musings/wisdom-of-the-tao-te-ching-wayne-dyer-2/

 The early Tao was in two sections,
the Tao (Way)
Section (Chapters 1 to 37)  and
the Te (virtue/moral force) Section (Chapters 38 to 81)

I choose to enjoy living the Great Mystery.
The Tao that can be named is not the Tao.

When my work is done it is forgotten.
That is why it lasts forever.

I know that there is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way.

The all providing Tao is empty yet Inexhaustible.

I will work at eliminating all of my judgments of others.

I pay attention to my Inner callings and apply my
own uniqueness to everything I undertake.

It is through selfless action I will experience my own fulfilment.

I live in accordance with Nature and therefore
never go against the way of things.

When my cup is Full I will stop pouring.

I suspend my belief in opposites by seeing myself in all.

The usefulness of what is depends on what is not.

I choose to ignore the seductive lure of acquisition and fame.

I see myself as everything. I love myself as everyone.

Discovering how things have always been.

The place of my origination is stillness from which all creation originates.

Amidst the rush of worldly comings & goings,
I observe how all endings become beginnings.

I fully trust that others do know what is best for themselves.

I act virtuously. I do not need rules to be kind and just.

I am moral, profitable and a genius extraordinaire regardless of

what any transcript or bank statement may say.

I am doing nothing. Rather, I am being done.

How do I know the way of all things at the beginning?

…. I see it within myself.

I resist any brokenness by being bending & flexible … when storms appear.

In all of nature, No storm can last forever.

Boasting or showing off are superfluous excesses.

This practice must be uprooted, thrown out and left behind forever.

I come from greatness. I attract greatness. I Am Greatness.

I have the ability to stay poised and focused
regardless of what goes before me.

What is a good man, but a bad man’s teacher. W
hat is a bad man, but a good man’s job.

As I preserve my original qualities, I can do or govern anything.
I live with radical humility

I allow my life to unfold naturally.

There is a time for being ahead, there is a time for being behind …
There is a time for being in motion, there is a time for being at rest.
There is a time for being vigorous; there is a time for being exhausted.

Whatever strains with force will soon decay. I eschew any and all

forms of violence. I take the line of least resistance in all my actions.

I allow my highest nature to come forward and bring

love to the places where I used to live in hatred.

I trust in the perfect goodness of the Tao to guide and

direct me wherever it will. I allow my thoughts and ideas to
be carried by the great wave of The Tao.

I am replacing my desire for power over others with my efforts

to understand and master myself in any way and all situations.
The things we love we have to learn to leave alone.

By not claiming greatness I will achieve greatness.

When you look for it there is nothing to see.

When you listen for it there is nothing to hear.
When you use it, it cannot be exhausted. This is The Great Tao.

I seek out obscurity by suppressing any desires for attention or recognition.

The Tao does nothing but leaves nothing undone.

I trust my essential nature. I let go of all polarities…

And I live In The Indivisible Oneness of Tao…
Goodness and Godness are one and I trust who I am. A Child of God.

I am a piece of the Whole and I act in accordance with

The Wholeness of Tao.

I bow to the All Creating power from which
I came and to which I am returning.

By following The Way I will not become complicated,
extraordinary or prominent.

Rather I will become subtle and simple and uncomplicated.

I release attachment to all objects, status, people and institutions.

I Gain by Losing, I Lose by Gaining.

The softest of all things overrides the hardest of all things.

I let go of my need for more and live in a state of pure gratitude.

Giving is replacing my demands for more.

The experience of inner peace is my true gauge of all my accomplishments.

There is no greater loss than losing my connection to Tao.

I find bliss of eternity in my contentment.

Without going out of the door I can know the world.

Without looking out of the window I can see the ways of heaven.

In order to enliven my experience of the Tao and live by

it’s principles I practice decreasing my reliance on things.

It is my choice to be kind to those who are kind.

It is my choice to be kind to those who are unkind,
because the nature of my being is kindness.
And that is all I have to give away.

I am an immortal spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

The great Tao has no great expectations of me.

No demands, no battles or wars to fight and no history to live up to.

All under heaven have a common beginning.

This beginning is the mother of the world and my eternal mother.

If I have even a little sense I should walk in the great

way and my only fear would be straying.
I live honorably. I see myself in all others.

I am like a great wave of light that illuminates the room.

Everyone will see the light and become affected.

I attract the cooperative Power of The Tao when I release

the need to control anyone’s life including my own.

Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.

The less I care about the approval of others, the more approval I receive.

I work at allowing all others to trust in their highest nature,

rather than imposing my rules & regulations on them.
Moreover I am free to be myself.
I do not have to live by anyone else’s rules.

Bad fortune has good fortune hiding within it

and good fortune is what bad fortune hides in.

I practice living without limits by gathering virtue and modeling it.

When I refrain from thoughts of harm directed at others,

all the benefits of life accumulate to me.

My loved ones and I cannot and will not be impacted

by the presence of evil anywhere in the world.
By staying calm and under the radar others will
ultimately join me in friendship and trust.

I am a divine creation of Tao as are all others.

I cast out no one, rather I cast out wickedness
by elevating others with my deeds.

I see simplicity in the complicated.

I do great things while they are small.
I can get anywhere from here.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

A tree grows from one seedling. A tower starts with one brick.

Because I know that I do not know,
I will be guided to find my own way.

I do not put myself above others or see myself as superior to anyone.

I am like the great ocean where all streams flow to me.
Because I stay low and thus I am a servant to all.

I live the three treasures of Mercy, Frugality and Humility
in all of my dealing with others.

Whatever I fight weakens me.
Whatever I cooperate with strengthens me.

There is no greater misfortune than feeling “I have an Enemy”.

For when “I” and “Enemy” exist together there is no room for God.

I want to think like God thinks. To act as God acts.
To live a God realized life.

I trust that a happy and contented mind, which is sick of being sick,

will have a happy, contented body.

By staying in a state of awe and bewilderment,

I loosen Ego’s hold on my thinking.
My body is perfect, born at precisely the right time and this is my perfect age.
I accept myself as I am and I surrender to the natural course of my body’s destiny.

It is Heaven’s way to conquer without striving.

The Tao does everything without needing to attack.
It is my intention to emulate Heaven’s way by listening more,
speaking less and trusting that my answers will come without any screaming.
I slow my pace so that it harmonizes with heaven’s way.

I realize that all things change and therefore
there is nothing for me to hold onto.

By not fearing death there is nothing that I cannot achieve.

I place fewer and fewer demands on others and myself.

I am free to commune with nature, to work,
play, read or just do nothing.

I choose to be strong by being soft and pliable
rather than inflexible, brittle and hard.

I can keep on giving because there is no end to my wealth.

I am pleased to offer my surplus to others.

I remain serene in the midst of sorrow and therefore
prevent evil from entering my heart.

Someone must risk returning injury with kindness
or hostility will never turn to goodwill.

I choose to close out any future conflict with love and kindness.

I choose to live in a state of radical appreciation and
give humble thanks for all that I have.

Paradise is wherever I am.

I choose to live by accumulating less, giving more, arguing less and

releasing my attachment to everything in the world of the 10,000 things. 

—oo O oo—

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He’s the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows as well as speaking at many seminars and workshops around the world.
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